Technology & Enterprise Architecture

I consider myself to be foremost a technologist, but not a technology for the sake of it, but the application of technology to solve genuine problems.  The centre of my technical skillset is around Integration technologies, primarily Oracle and Red Hat Fuse. But as many will know, middleware has become the software foundation stone for enabling innovation, in the mobile space for example apps that have any data sources are most likely to be communicating via integration platforms. Middleware reaches through to providing to the foundation of modern application construction – for example Oracle Fusion Applications.

The application of Technology in my professional life is informed by the use of Enterprise Architecture practises – such perspectives help to ensure that particularly on large transformational initiatives you can trace the business needs and decisions through to specific technical decisions.  This isn’t documentation for the sake of it, but enough to support well thought out strategies, to enable effective communication and continuity of understanding within an organisation.

I believe there is now value in knowledge if you don’t use it to enable others. This leads me elegantly to why I blog. But in addition to this blog I have contributed a raft of published books as a technical reviewer during the book development.  Further I am presently part of the EMA Oracle SOA Customer Advisory board and active within the UK Oracle User Group – reviewing again submissions for the user group journal – Oracle Scene.  Plus actively engaging in the Middleware Special Interest Group.

I am also an Oracle Ace Associate.

My professional profile can be found at http://linkedin.mp3monster.org

TOGAF 9 Certified

Oracle ACE

Personal View

When not engrossed in technology then my life is dominated by two thing – my family and music.  My love of photography, cycling & motor sport also get the occasional lookin. So my blog, twitter stream etc get peppered with the bits and pieces from these passions.


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